Concrete Countertops Advantages And Disadvantages

Are you considering cement counter top installment? Concrete countertops are extremely cool and trendy immediately for their commercial really good looks. They’re also sturdy, and economical reviewed to well-known materials like quarta movement or marble. Having said that, besides the evident benefits, there are actually a few downsides to kitchen and bathroom kitchen counters constructed from concrete. Allow’s take a nearer check out concrete countertops’ downsides and also pros.

Unique Beauty

A significant perk of concrete countertops is their beauty, originality, and also contemporary panache. Concrete may be actually wonderfully molded, tinted, and textured in a virtually limitless number of methods. Incorporating integral attributes or even aesthetic aspects (like an integrated drainboard) will truly personalize the appearance.


Depending on the precise dimension and design of your kitchen countertops, you may achieve a smooth seamless cement surface area.

Easy Cleaning

Concrete countertops are quick and easy to tidy just as long as they’ve been installed and also sealed off correctly. Cozy, soapy water is the greatest way to rub up. For bigger cleaning, observe the paths coming from your service provider or use a pH cleaner that won’t hurt the sealer. Steer clear of abrasive solutions.
Concrete Countertops: Cons

Installation Issues

Prior to you start, you must guarantee your base cabinets are actually durable enough to reinforce the body weight of a concrete piece ( 145 extra pounds per cubic foot). You’ll have to deal with a clutter if you choose to have concrete countertops put in spot. The choice is buying kitchen counters to be precast offsite and transferred to your property, however specifically lengthy and/or thick countertops will certainly be heavy and also awkward to move.


Non-structural hairline cracks take place in nearly all poured-in-place concrete countertops. Specialist setup by a reputable concrete service provider will certainly minimize these splits, however can easily certainly not stop them altogether. Usually, the cracks are actually rarely detectable; some house owners also experience they enrich the look of the counters. Proper care and upkeep of your concrete countertops will definitely aid stay away from hairline cracking.

Heat Sensitivity

Putting scalding scorching containers or pans straight onto concrete countertops could possibly wreck the top as well as the sealer. Rather, always keep a trivet useful to secure your counters. To stay clear of the problem entirely, some individuals have actually chosen to incorporate built-in trivets to their concrete counters. Not just is this a functional alternative, but it also incorporates a good-looking customized appearance to the kitchen countertops.


Spills need to become wiped up quickly, especially if they are actually oily or even acidic like vinegar, lemon juice, wine, etc. Even direct exposure of simply a couple of minutes is capable of inducing a discolor on some concrete countertops. Guard your new countertops along with a concrete sealant as well as reseal every 1-3 years.

No Cutting

Although concrete withstands scrapes because of regular wear and tear, reducing along with a sharp blade directly on the bare kitchen countertop is actually not suggested. Blades can easily puncture the sealant and also generate weak points. As with trivets, reducing panels can likewise be actually installed directly into the kitchen counter for a combo of capability and layout.
Concrete Countertops: Cons and pros
Wondering why there is actually a segment referred to as “Concrete Countertops: Cons as Well As pros”? Actually, a couple of concrete countertops’ ultimate perks sometimes become primary downsides. Below’s why.


Concrete is among the absolute most durable of all building components– the base of our roads as well as houses. When you mount concrete countertops, you will not have to fret about substituting all of them for many years. Nonetheless, if in a couple of years you determine that you do not care for the design or simply really want a face-lift, concrete removal is challenging. It calls for a crew of a number of knowledgeable folks to uninstall the kitchen countertops without ruining the closets under. You’re left with the issue of reprocessing or even typically getting rid of the concrete.

Styling Options

Coming from colour to polish to lovely surfaces, the concept options are actually countless with concrete countertops. You can choose a concrete expert to imitate the look of granite or even marble or even include little chips of glass, colored stone, or seashells, terrazzo-style. It’s likewise possible to produce just about any kind of shape you may desire for the counters and also their edges. The downside? While pure concrete countertops are less costly than many other components, the a lot more intricate your layout, the much higher the rate.

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